“Commissioner in Exile”

Commissioner In ExileThis is the true story of the first American in history to receive protection from open criminal charges in the United States – granted by a NATO & EU country, a long-time ally of the United States.  No democratic European government could ignore the fact that the charges were stemming from a corrupt investigation that openly violated the very fundamentals of Human Rights.  An investigation that assassinated the Democratic Electoral Process.

The true-life story of ‘Shaan’ Shahrukh Dhanji, born in Bombay but an American citizen of good-standing and a US Navy sharpshooter with a top security clearance who became the Commissioner for Human Relations and Civil Rights. This is a story of the American dream corrupted by politics and intrigue. Everyone needs to hear this story, it is the tale of contemporary America, money, politics, power and networks of entrenched individuals who don’t like outsiders.

The story of Shaan Shahrukh Dhanji is a story of political convictions, where doing what’s right outweighs the personal sacrifices and the conveniences of life. This is an expose of the corruption and politics that permeates areas of the State of Florida, and the personal journey of a fighter for democratic principles – and his own integrity. Once the fundamental principles of a society based on democratic rights is compromised, even in the slightest, there remains no other alternative but to fight.

Shaan Dhanji was asked to run for Sheriff of Broward County and it was this challenge to existing interests that led to a politically motivated investigation against him, a “set-up” in anybody’s language.  He was later told “powerful political people would like to see this man arrested” this was in writing from the lead investigating Agent. Shaan was compelled to act, driven out of his Homeland, away from his family, forced to fight for his integrity and convictions against the corrupt yet powerful few, becoming the Commissioner in Exile